These days, our knowledge of nutrition science is developing at a rapid rate. Proof of the effectiveness of nutritional therapy is finally being acknowledged by the larger medical community, but there are confusing and erroneous messages offered almost daily by our media. My commitment is to serve individuals, offering the latest proven research by means of affordable group sessions such as retreats and classes.

I have a certificate in functional nutrition and my membership/board certification with the National Association for Nutrition Professionals qualifies me to work as a nutritional therapist. I am also a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association. I’ve been trained to use an ancestrally-informed model that looks for and addresses the deficiency-related root causes of health problems rather than treating symptoms with drugs that cause more deficiencies. I have applied this model to my own health needs when my immune system and my hormones got out of balance in my early forties.

My preference is to work with clients in groups because of the transformational power of safe learning environments. For those who wish to have private nutrition coaching, I prefer to do initial meetings with a client in her home so we can talk about her food habits in the context of the kitchen and pantry. I am happy to do follow up meetings in the home or workplace, in a coffee shop, in my office, or by zoom meeting. I work with men only in group settings or via zoom meeting.

Please click here for my current rates for private sessions for individuals and groups as well as for rates specifically for restaurant owners and retirement communities who need consultation.

My main focus is doing wellness retreats that I lead in woodsy areas all over NW Oregon. Click here for descriptions and a registration form for my upcoming retreats.


More about my personal life?

I live in the wine-country village of Carlton, Oregon which is an hour SW of Portland. I’ve been a social worker for most of my adult life, working with foster and adoptive families. I still work part time as a trainer and mentor of volunteers who work with foster kids. I married for the first time when I was nearly 40. I have two step sons and I adopted my foster daughter before I met my husband.

What drew me to study functional nutrition were my own and my daughter’s needs, and the lack of solutions coming from the mainstream medical community around mood, skincare, weight management and hormonal health.

Feel free to use the contact form listed linked to in the menu above, or if you don’t like forms, you can reach me at my secure email: kathleenmoss@protonmail.com.